Acoustic Jams

Last night Chris and I went to an acoustic concert featuring the band Augustana at the venue Double Door in Wicker Park. We saw them play last year at Park West and absolutely fell in love with them. Chris was more familiar with them than I was – I basically just knew the Boston song. I now consider myself a seasoned fan, especially after hearing lead singer Dan Layus sing with only a guitar and keyboard (and the occasional harmonica) last night. His vocals are beautiful and the songs he writes are so inspiring. If you haven’t heard the song “Alive” (not yet officially released on an album yet, but you can find videos of it on YouTube.) you must immediately listen to it! I love how his music is all about his wife and kids and he always calls them out during his performances (yes, he’s taken ladies, a real shame, I know).ย  Here is a cell phone shot I took of Dan that captures his passion for music.


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2 Responses to Acoustic Jams

  1. No way! Why didn’t I know they were in town last year! I’m glad that me being dumb and not remembering I couldn’t go last year has turned you into an Augustana fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I totally meant.. why didn’t I know they were in town this year**** ๐Ÿ™‚

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